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We specialize in eBook design, creation, and publishing for a wide variety of niches and micro-niches.

We cater to a whole host of designs to capture the attention of your audience and to portray an eye-catching image that your brand and eBook fully deserve.

Let us write your eBooks for you and turn your boring documents into eye-catching PDFs that are sure to be read and downloaded worldwide! Increase your options, signups, and sales by portraying a professional image.

With a background in art and design, is our team’s driving passion. We understand how great design works and we want to show you what we’ve learned over the years. Our experienced team of designers has come together to continue this journey as the best design team on the web! We’re proud of what can accomplish together and we want to help you create something you’re proud of too!

Let us do the hard work for you. Our designs have featured on top-selling products throughout the internet and have secured many awards and acclaims in the process for their quality, creativity, and appeal.

Why are Ebooks Important

An informed customer can be one of the most loyal and lucrative partnerships that your business can enjoy.  Finding those customers can be very challenging, however.  Ebooks can provide your business with a means to attract informed potential customers while also educating prospects about your products or services.

Ebooks serve an important purpose in the online world from different perspectives.  Some of the benefits of an Ebook include:

Faster – you can produce an Ebook much faster than traditional printed brochures, pamphlets, or catalogues. 

Accessible – an electronic book can be easily accessed from virtually any device that isebooks
connected to the internet.  Smartphones, tablets, e-readers as well as laptops and desktops can access an Ebook.

Reusable – without a complete re-write, you can leverage your Ebook in multiple channels such as social media, industry events, and your website.  You can also send your Ebook to your email subscribers once a year, making only minor revisions where needed.

Printable – if you desire to have a print version of your Ebook the effort is relatively simple. 

Interactive – with an Ebook online you can request readers to provide their comments and feedback.  This is an invaluable marketing tool that lets you respond more personally to those who could be converted to customers.

Inexpensive – the cost to produce an Ebook is relatively inexpensive when compared to other marketing material productions. 

Flexible – you can include links to YouTube videos, presentations, and other online resources as part of your Ebook.

With the benefits of utilizing an Ebook, you can leverage this tool as a highly effective marketing technique.  Your existing customers can benefit as well as new leads.  ESG Marketing Solutions has the experience and skills to develop high-calibre content and manage the online publishing process for your Ebook. 

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